Cleaner paper production in DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill thanks to 1500th Paques BIOPAQ® reactor


Paques is proud to inform that we have installed our 1500th BIOPAQ reactor at the DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill in the United Kingdom. Paques is the global leader in biological wastewater and gas treatments and has realised more than 3,000 reference installations worldwide of which 1500 are anaerobic BIOPAQ reactors.

Kemsley Mill is the UK’s largest paper recycling mill, and the second largest in Europe, producing over 800,000 tonnes of paper every year. Kemsley processes recycled paper into new papers for packaging and construction. The mill’s sustainability developments, including the on-site anaerobic digestion plant, energy from waste facility, and the preparations for a new CHP plant, support the mill in becoming more energy efficient. This is in line with the DS Smith Group’s target to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% per tonne of production by 2030.

The new wastewater treatment plant, including biogas treatment, at DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill in Sittingbourne, UK
The new wastewater treatment plant, including biogas treatment, at DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill in Sittingbourne, UK

About DS Smith

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated worldwide, supported by recycling and papermaking operations. Headquartered in London and a member of the FTSE 100, DS Smith focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging solutions in 37 countries employing around 31,000 people. Using the combined expertise of its divisions – including Packaging, Recycling, Paper – DS Smith works with customers to deliver solutions that reduce complexity and deliver results throughout the supply chain. Its history can be traced back to the box-making businesses started in the 1940s by the Smith family.

About Paques

For more than 40 years, Paques is world’s leading company in the field of development and construction of cost-effective purification systems for water, wastewater and gases, based on innovative biotechnology. With over 3,000 reference installations worldwide, Paques has helped companies and municipalities to contribute to one of the major challenges of today: to reduce their water and carbon foot prints and reclaim valuable resources. The biogas produced by the wastewater treatment plants can be used as green energy in boilers or gas engines. Paques’ reactor systems are found in a broad range of industries and applications, such as food, pulp and paper, beer and beverages, distilleries and chemical industry.
Besides the headquarters in The Netherlands, Paques has subsidiaries and/or production locations in Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, United States of America, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In many other countries, Paques is represented by licensed partners. This ensures local presence and the best service for our clients worldwide.


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