Paques India Announces Partnership with Bahwan Group of the Sultanate of Oman


Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. and Bahwan Enterprises LLC have entered into a partnership to build a strategic network in the area of Waste Water Treatment and Sustainability in the Sultanate of Oman. The principle objective of this partnership is to further develop a standard that administers the exchange and usage of company products along the value chain. Paques strength in the wastewater & gas treatment sector, & Bahwan Enterprise’s success with local presence and strong project management capabilities in the area of Water, Energy & Power in the territory of Sultanate of Oman, the economy stands to gain from this collaboration. 

This partnership holds special promise for the wastewater treatment industry, both For India & Sultanate of Oman as it offers a wide range of benefits for the industry, with Bahwan Enterprises highly interwoven supply network and Paques world class manufacturing facility at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

With its in-depth expertise in Granular Bio-tech based High Rate Reactor Technology that Paques is globally renowned for, the company has been established as the undisputed market leaders and has totally altered the technology landscape in the treatment of effluents & wastewater in industries like Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage Processing including Marine Foods, Dairy, Sugar & Distillery, Breweries, PTA (Polyterephthalic Acid), Bio-fuels etc. and have managed to set up more than 100 up & running references across India. Bahwan Enterprises will play a crucial role in the integration as partner and advisor, thanks to their multifaceted experience in areas of Water, Energy & Power. There is considerable potential for optimizing the exchange of requirements & planning to suppliers and to customers. 

Statement by Sudeep Sangameswaran, Managing Director - Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

“Since we set up our world class factory in Sri City, India in 2016, it has always been Paques intent to be the leading provider of Industrial Wastewater to Energy Solutions not just within India but also the wider region without. Over the last 5 years, Paques India is already well on course to be the foremost Specialized Industrial Wastewater and Gas Treatment Technology Company - with industry revolutionizing and widely accepted solutions for market segments like Sugar, Distilleries, Ethanol Fuel, Dairy, Sea Food Processing, PTA, Food & Beverage Processing, post Sewage Sludge Treatment etc. We are now happy to utilize the significant in-house capabilities built in Process, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Project Execution into offering our Core Technologies to similar industrial customers in South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Geographical expansion always calls for synergistic and shared vision partnerships and it is in this regard that Paques is delighted to associate with one of the legendary business groups from Oman. We are confident that this is the kind of association that will help us alter the Industrial Wastewater & Gas Treatment landscape in the Middle East in much the same way as Paques have achieved in many other countries over the last five decades.

Statement by Anil Nahar, Financial Advisor - Bahwan Enterprises LLC

“Bahwan Enterprises is delighted to partner with Paques to offer water treatment solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Being one of the most responsible corporate houses, Bahwan Enterprises is always focused on maximizing value for the country. We believe the innovative and patented solutions offered by Paques has the potential to create a significant impact to various Industrial facilities in Oman to meet their sustianbility goals on carbon foot print reduction. The key sectors to benefit from Paques solutions will be Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Metal, Municpal Waste Water Treament, Waste to Energy etc.

About Paques:

Paques biotechnology helps companies to reduce fresh water intake, decrease their carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources from waste. Major global changes make integration of water purification, sustainable energy generation and reuse of resources of growing importance.

Paques' mission is to design biotechnological processes to purify water and gas streams in order to improve the sustainability of companies and contribute to the balanced improvement of People, Profit and Planet through revitalization of resources.

About Bahwan Enterprises LLC:

Bahwan Enterprises under leadership of Sheikha Hind Bahwan is a project focused company that offers solutions in the fields of Water, Energy, Power, Marine and Infrastructure. The group has diversifed business interests in Technology, Lifestyle,Oil & Gas and Supply Chain with operations spreaded across 20 countries. We enable our clients to to drive digital transformation and adopt new technologies to gain sustainable business advantage, innovate and stay agile.

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