Internship HBO/Master: Accelerating Anaerobic Granulation

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We are looking for an enthusiastic Student/Graduate (HBO/Master) for the following Internship Project:

                                                Accelerating Anaerobic Granulation


The goal of the project is to increase the speed of anaerobic granule formation by using specific nitrogen compounds.


Anaerobic treatment of (industrial) waste waters in high rate anaerobic reactors relies on good biomass retention. Such reactors are designed to operate with granular biomass, as this can efficiently be retained. It is, therefore, essential that good granular biomass is formed. In specific cases, it has proven difficult to grow strong, well-settling anaerobic granules. Improving the quality of granular biomass is a valuable solution for those cases.
Another challenge is the start-up of new-built anaerobic reactors. This is typically done with excess granular biomass from another reactor. However, for remote places, or due to the size of the new anaerobic reactors, it may prove difficult to provide sufficient granular biomass. Accelerating the growth of new, good quality, granular biomass then becomes essential.

accelarating anaerobic samengestelde afbeelding

Internship activities

The abovementioned research questions will be investigated in lab scale anaerobic reactors with a volume of 10 L. Briefly summarised, the following activities are part of the internship:
Preparation work
- Collect and summarise literature on anaerobic granulation
- Write research plan, including section on safety aspects for lab work
Lab work
- Depending on previous experiences: training in required lab skills
- Operation and monitoring of experimental set-up
- Analysis of relevant parameters in influent, effluent and granular biomass
- Weekly progress report
- Final written report
- Oral presentation at Paques
Start: October / November 2021   
Project Location: Balk, NL 
Project Duration: 20 weeks, full time.


Your application with motivation needs to be addressed to Further information about this position can be obtained from Tim Hendrickx, Technologist (+31 (0)514-608500).