King Harald of Norway opens new wastewater treatment system at Norske Skog Saugbrugs


On the third of April 2017, King Harald attended the opening of a new wastewater treatment and biogas upgrading system at the Norske Skog Saugbrugs mill in Halden, Norway.
Paques Europe delivered a biological industrial wastewater (BIOPAQ®IC) reactor and a THIOPAQ® installation for the desulpurisation of the biogas produced.

​Biogas for heavy transport

The new biogas plant has been under construction for almost two years, and Norske Skog Saugbrugs has invested NOK 150 million in the project. The plant is built in conjunction with the existing treatment plant and will use organic waste from the mills paper production to produce renewable energy.

The new facility will provide revenue from sales of biogas, in addition to the reduction of the production cost of the paper mill. The biogas will be delivered to AGA, the company that delivers biogas for buses and trucks. Approximately 70 heavy vehicles from Saugbrugsforeningen (the local public transport company) will use this fuel, which results in reduced CO2 emissions of about 6,500 tons each year.
Paques delivered a BIOPAQ®ICTHIOPAQ®, a gas buffer and a flare. Norske Skog Saugbrugs plans to build biogas plants at several of its plants. It strengthens the plants’ competitiveness and is part of efforts to improve operations.

opening norske skog by king harald